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Traditional websites and landing pages are neither interactive nor personalized. They load slowly and are not optimized for the mobile world. 98.5% of your target audience uses social media on mobile devices. That's why a mobile-first recruiting funnel is your best solution. Result: more applications and better employees.

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With Perspective, our customers make the impossible possible.


Our customers use Perspective successfully. In short: It is the go-to tool in the entire market!

Patrick Dermak & Simon Mader, Founders

Perspective is the core of Performance Recruiting. By far the best solution on the market.

Dominic Mai, Digital Marketer
Local Businesses

Perspective has saved my fitness studios from going out of business. When I need new customers, I turn on my funnels.

Elke Seidscheck, Fitness Entrepreneur

Perspective is a gamechanger in lead acquisition for financial services.

Florian Staubach, CEO & Marketer
Real Estate

With Perspective I was able to generate 611 real estate leads for 12€ each.

Richard Tinß, CEO & Marketer

Great tool! You have to test it to feel the magic. Respect to the team.

Johannes Kliesch, CEO

With Perspective, we simply reach people with whom we stop climate change.

Cindy Schüller, Founder & Marketer

We generate over 100,000€ in revenue per month with just one coaching funnel.

Sascha Boampong & Timo Eckhardt, Founders

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