Our 8 cherished values & principles

Keep growing

Life is growth. Nothing stands still and neither do we. Learning from each other and improving  is at the core of our DNA. So "figure it out"!

Be cordial

There is nothing better than working with nice and warm people. It sounds so logical, but in reality, it is very rare.

Full transparency

& openness. Giving open feedback ensures that we become the best version of ourselves and the fun of working together never stops.

Succeed with joy

Life is too short for a job we don't love. We help each other keep that fresh in our minds.

Less, but better

We believe in quality over quantity. Something mediocre doesn't make us or our customers happy. Less quantity, better quality.

Full ownership

We believe that fulfillment only comes when we enjoy full responsibility and freedom in our work. And we live that.

Think design

Design is much more than appearance, it's the whole experience. It is the sensation we feel when we interact with something.

Customer obsession

We only work on projects that we know in advance will be loved and used by our amazing and hard working clients.

We are 100% remote and live Ownership & Freedom.

As a team, we believe that we achieve our best performance when we enjoy absolute freedom and each take control of our own areas. That's why we call our culture: Ownership & Freedom Culture.

Perspective is what can happen when amazing people from all over the world come together to work on a project. Our values are very important to us and they are reflected in everything we do.

People tend to make mistakes, and so do we, but we see them as a potential to grow and learn. Those who work at Perspective are constantly learning, given new challenges, and given the opportunity to grow. Both professionally and personally.

Join us.
Be you.

Our vision is to help passionate people build their own sustainable businesses. And that's exactly what we are set to do!

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