Collect emails and build a contact list effortlessly

Own your audience and sell to them whenever you want, by collecting emails and building a contact list.

Why it's so important to build audience ownership.

Instead of asking prospects for an appointment or registration, first offer added value in the form of a freebie, quiz, or case study funnel. This is how you generate low-cost leads, build a large list, and create a relationship. After a while, your contacts will want to become your customers.

The most successful funnel templates for building a contact list.

With these proven Perspective templates, you'll successfully build audience ownership in a matter of weeks. Start now and customize the templates.

With Perspective, our customers make the impossible possible.

Generated over 100,000 contacts and appointments in over 5 industries.

Ole Kannapinn, Marketing Expert

Used funnels organically and generated quarterly revenue of 250.000€.

Roksana Leonetti, Managing Director

Achieved over 200 customer inquiries in just 3 months and 300% revenue growth.

Bernhard Reschreiter, CEO

Generated 66 high-ticket appointments for a B2B company in 6 weeks.

Niklas Buschner, CEO

Your first funnel in 60 minutes.
No background necessary.

Funnel Templates

Through testing & our own behavior, we know how important amazing design is when marketing online. Choose from one of our 14 tested templates and get some inspiration, or customize the funnel exactly the way you want it.

More time, more sales,
and a lot of fun

You don't need to know how to design or code in order to set up your own mobile funnels. The #1 reason our customers recommend Perspective is the simplicity and speed of creation. Check it out for yourself!

Valuable insights and the
best results

Analyze and optimize your funnel with our powerful Insights or A/B Testing & Analytics tool. They are so simple that it's impossible to not to bring your funnel up to peak performance.

Connect the tools you love

You can connect Perspective to over 1,000 tools via direct integrations, tracking code, and Zapier or webhooks. No need to do without!

6 reasons why Perspective is the
best solution for you.

Amazing Mobile Funnel Community.

Are you new? Learn from us and others in the Perspective Funnels community. From strategy and positioning, to successful ads and mobile funnels. Ask away!

An agency's

As an agency, it's all about the best results and of course, speed of implementation. Features like duplication of funnels, white-label design & multiple lead recipients turn you into a real powerhouse.

Personalization, just like a real conversation.

Direct your prospects to individual paths based on their click. Create different funnel results pages as answers. Address each visitor individually by name and many other attributes.

Highest level of GDPR.

Secure European servers, smart cookie banners, and more. Simply conclude a GCU with us.

We are here for you.

Our beloved live chat support is there for you in ø 8 minutes. 98% satisfaction rating through expert support.

Mobile first. Today, 98.5% of your customers use mobile.

We still tend to work primarily from our desktop computers. That's why sometimes it can be difficult to understand that our world is mobile-first. Perspective funnels look incredible on all devices, but are optimized for the best results in a mobile world.

Quick answers for you.

Question not answered? Write us here, we're happy to help.

What happens if I exceed the visitor limit of my plan?

Don't worry. We won't delete or throttle your data. If you exceed your plan capacity, we will automatically upgrade your plan with a visitor package (5,000 extra visitors for €50) and inform you, ensuring that you always have a transparent overview.

How does the trial work? Will I be charged?

No, free is free. You can try Perspective Funnels for 14 days without any risk or cost. Build funnels and generate as many contacts as you want. On day 7 we will send you a transparent reminder email that your subscription starts in 7 days. After that, you have the option of canceling. Have fun!

Can I still change my plan after the trial?

Yes, at any time. You can easily upgrade or downgrade your account. If you need help, our support team is always available to assist you.

Do I need to be tech-savvy? Do I need a designer or programmer?

No & that's our value proposition! We say: It's easier to build a Perspective Funnel than it is to create a presentation. You can do it! Zero design or programming skills required. We promise!

Can I watch a demo?

Absolutely. Our Head of Growth, Niels Klement, has prepared a 15-minute express demo for you and will guide you through the most important functions of Perspective.

Click here on watch demo.

If you want to see Perspective for yourself, you can test Perspective Funnels for 14 days free of charge. There's nothing to lose.

How do I cancel if I don't want to continue?

Your first 14 days are completely free. If you decide not to continue, you can cancel Perspective directly from your account. Click on Settings, your subscription, and then Cancel Subscription. However, we will do everything we can to make you successful and keep you a satisfied customer.

Is Perspective being further developed? Can I specify ideas and wishes?

Yes, absolutely. We are constantly working on making the software more stable, extending existing features, and developing new features. At the end of each quarter, we publish our customer survey about wishes, feedback, new updates, and features. We love feedback because we always want to develop Perspective with our customers in mind.

Do I get support & help as a customer?

Yes, and very much so. In our software, you'll find the help articles that help you step by step. We also run the largest funnel community in the German-speaking world with over 8,000 members. They will always help you if you get stuck. Our team can assist you within minutes via chat.

Is Perspective Support available for me every day during the week?

Definitely! Our popular live chat support is available for our customers and also for interested parties Monday to Friday from 10:00 - 17:00. Of course you can also reach our team by email. Contact us for any kind of questions and just write to!

Which contingents are included in the Volume Plan?

The Volume Plan gives you unlimited access to workspaces, domains and monthly visitors at no extra cost, and you can also use an unlimited number of Funnels, which are subject to a fee and can be easily booked together with our Perspective Growth Consultants

Start advertising more effectively in the mobile age.

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