How to automate your funnel, starting with lead management

Use Perspective with Zapier to eliminate manual tasks around managing your funnel leads. Save time, move faster, and unlock more business growth.

How to automate your funnel, starting with lead management

Every time a lead enters your funnel, the real journey to conversion begins. These days, you can automate your followup (and customer experience), whether it’s to send leads to your CRM, follow up with a sales call, or trigger a marketing or recruiting email. Depending on your goals, you have a lot of ways to automate these types of tasks when you use Perspective with Zapier.

Perspective is the go-to mobile funnel builder for creating funnels, forms, and landing pages. With its simple drag-and-drop builder, you can launch high-converting, beautiful funnels in just 60 minutes.

Integrating Zapier with Perspective lets you automate your processes after lead capture, saving you time, effort, and money. In this blog, we’ll cover the main ways you can get started with lead management and automation using Perspective with Zapier.

Benefits of automating how you manage leads

Automating actions around your funnel and marketing overall will boost your business productivity and make space for high-impact work. Using Perspective with an easy automation tool like Zapier is a no brainer with the number of tools and processes you’re juggling as a marketer or business owner.

Here are the main ways you benefit from adding automation to your funnel and lead management.

Increase conversion rates and reduce cost-per-lead

Closing deals and engaging your leads after they express interest is a race against time. If you don’t follow up fast enough in a meaningful way, you’re losing potential sales and ad dollars. Automating the next steps in your funnel ensures your marketing system optimizes your nurture campaigns, ad spend, and conversion opportunities.

Save time and improve data accuracy

Jumping between tools to enter data manually wastes time and creates inconsistencies in your contact data. When you can automatically share data across your tech stack, you save time, keep your operations healthy, and stay more agile to market trends and changes in your business.

Focus on high-impact work to unlock more business growth

By relying on automation to take care of tedious tasks, you get more time and space to focus on the strategy of your business and where you want it to go. Now, you don’t have to be bogged down by disconnected tools and processes. The more automation you can use, the better off you’ll be.

With that, let’s get into how people use Zapier with Perspective to optimize their business on a daily basis.

Powerful examples of automation with Perspective and Zapier

Automate your marketing and sales tasks

When you capture leads through a Perspective funnel, you likely want to move that contact data to your other tools like a CRM or email sender. With Zapier, you can automatically flow data between these tools, keeping your data accurate and eliminating manual work. What’s even more powerful is you can automate core parts of your marketing and sales operations since Zapier moves your contact data from one place to the next.

For example, create a Zap that enriches your lead data in a CRM like HubSpot so you can focus on high-quality leads—

Zap template of new perspective lead to hubspot

Or, create a Zap that adds Perspective leads to an email tool like Mailchimp, and assign them a tag that triggers marketing emails automatically—

Zap template of new perspective lead to mailchimp

Win more sales with faster follow-up

Get notifications when you capture a new lead, so you can follow up fast and close more deals. You can have automated notifications go to your everyday tools like Slack and Gmail to whoever needs to take action on new leads.

For example, use this simple Zap to send channel messages—

Zap template of new perspective lead to slack channel

Or, to send an email—

Zap template of new perspective lead to Gmail

Streamline your social recruiting processes

Recruiting job candidates via social media advertising (AKA social recruiting) has skyrocketed in popularity over the past decade. Now you can automatically route applicants to your HR software with one Zap. An automated motion like this saves time for employers and candidates, eliminating the need to create a candidate profile manually.

Check out this example of creating a new applicant profile for leads that apply for a job through a Perspective recruiting funnel—

Zap template of new perspective lead to Personio

Grow faster and easier than ever with automated lead management

By leveraging the power of automation with a tool like Zapier, it’s easier than ever to achieve more in less time while also improving the performance of your funnel. All great marketers and recruiters rely on automation, and managing your leads effectively is essential if you want to optimize your marketing strategies and take your business to the next level.

Learn more about using Perspective and Zapier to manage leads automatically in our Help Center.

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