DISO Group generates job applicants for 75¢/each with Perspective

Only a couple months into using Perspective, Vincent's already reduced his cost per lead by 75% and helped hire 20 employees—in under a week, with just $500 in ad spend. 🤯

DISO Group generates job applicants for 75¢/each with Perspective

Company background

DISO Group, founded by Vincent Hahl in 2023, specializes in digital marketing services for job agencies, real estate, finance, and overall B2B lead generation.

We chatted with Vincent about the impact Perspective has made on DISO Group’s service delivery, sales pitches, and onboarding for his employees and clients.

The challenge

DISO Group encountered quality issues with Meta’s instant forms when it came to helping their clients fill positions that required specific qualifications. They started to feel the pressure when even more clients came to them with the same request. To prevent future blockers with service delivery, Vincent needed to find a reliable long-term solution for recruiting funnels.

One of the media buyers at DISO Group who was already familiar with Perspective suggested it, mentioning how easy and fast it is to launch recruiting funnels that screen applicants effectively. Now they’ve been using Perspective for a few months, not just to generate high-quality candidates, but also to create client mockups, generate B2B leads, and onboard people with Perspective’s flexible multi-step funnels, landing pages, and forms.

The solution

DISO Group adopted Perspective quickly into their client projects due to its customizability and ability to portray job positions in a more detailed, attractive light to potential candidates. The benefits didn’t stop there—read on to learn more.

20 Hires in one week with a $500 budget

One of DISO Group’s clients was looking to hire 25 warehouse workers in one week with an advertising budget of just $500. They quickly launched a Perspective recruiting funnel, and using A/B testing and call scheduling within it, they produced compelling results.

Vincent says, “With this project, we generated some leads for as low as 75 cents each, and overall reduced the cost per lead by 75%. That was just by A/B testing the entire funnel.”

The team also paired Perspective’s scheduling capabilities with Zapier to halve the number of calls their client had to make to potential candidates, saving everyone time during the interview process.

Vincent says, “In the Perspective funnel, we asked job candidates to select the time they wanted to be called with predetermined time slots. Then with Zapier, we sent a follow-up message confirming the time of the call, the phone number, and even a calendar link if they needed to reschedule. These tactics gave us the lowest drop-off rate possible. For the candidate experience, it’s better, too.”

All in all they generated 200 applications and hired 20 candidates in under a week—for just $500.

“The tactics we deploy for social recruiting keep our clients happy,” Vincent says.

Qualifying leads effortlessly

Vincent says, “The biggest advantage for us is that you can qualify leads very well with Perspective. Whether I’m helping generate applicants for an IT role, or any job that requires a specific qualification like a degree, you can’t beat it.”

Vincent also mentioned the ability to customize and add more storytelling into his funnels helps find candidates who want to be approached. “Instead of putting all the info on your ad, you can add more details, storytelling, and customization in the funnel itself. Which also helps capture the candidates who are willing to switch jobs, but still employed elsewhere.”

Then, Vincent passes candidates onto his clients with a quality score, so they always have a prioritization system going.

Automating his client onboarding

When a client hires DISO Group to help recruit for a job, Vincent says, “We basically run them through an onboarding and intake funnel with Perspective so we have everything we need to hit the ground running with the project—the job info, visuals, budget, etc.,” making it as easy as possible for both parties.

Bringing new marketers to his team

When Vincent needs to hire someone for his agency, he asks them to do a case study and use their existing tool stack, which includes Perspective. Vincent says, “The main reason for us is to see how fast they can figure everything out. The creatives, the Perspective funnel, etc. We couldn’t require this if we had a more complicated funnel or website builder.”

Winning new business

Vincent creates mockups with Perspective funnels on the fly to help sell his services in calls with potential clients. “They’re very happy and appreciate the thoughtfulness of the mockup…even though for me, it’s incredibly easy. It’s a good selling point to clients,” Vincent says.

He also says he makes the case that if you don’t have a mobile-optimized funnel online, you’re losing out on a lot of potential leads from mobile traffic.

DISO Group walks now so they can run later

Vincent is focused on growing DISO Group thoughtfully by implementing repeatable processes, finding the right tools, and hiring the right people. Overall, he’s satisfied with Perspective and how it’s made a difference at DISO Group.

He says, “I’m happy with Perspective. You can use it for your agency in-house, for communication with clients, for new lead generation or recruiting projects, depending on your client base. There are a lot of different ways to use it. It saves time and just makes things easier.”

Ready to run with your lead generation? Get a free 14-day trial of Perspective here.

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