Radyant triples their conversion rates with Perspective

Within just four months of using Perspective, Radyant has tripled conversion rates, launched 3,000 landing pages in 3 hours, and generated 266 high-ticket B2B leads for their PPC clients.

Radyant triples their conversion rates with Perspective

Company background

Radyant.io is an expert Google Ads and SEO marketing agency founded by Niklas Buschner. The agency works across various industries including B2B, B2C, and e-commerce with a dedicated team of 7 professionals. Having officially launched in 2019, Radyant’s annual revenue is at six figures—hitting seven soon—and they’ve been using Perspective for the past four months.

We sat down with Niklas to chat about how Perspective has made an immediate impact on their client results, business, and team.

The challenge

Radyant needed a way to take full creative control over their clients’ campaigns so they could speed up service delivery and produce better results.

Reliance on client tools

Radyant typically relied on their clients’ landing page, funnel, or website tools, which were “suboptimal most of the time,” Niklas says. He says, “It just took too much time to work with whatever they were using. So we were almost always blocked from improving their landing pages quickly and effectively.”

Lack of creative control

The team wanted to be able to execute ideas on landing pages proactively, not just suggest improvements. Niklas says, “We’d suggest they put trust elements here and there, client logos, or create an overall better representation of their service. But this lack of control over their landing pages, funnels, and presentation of their offer kept us from bringing better results, so it was actually a big blocker.”

Optimizing the middle phase of the sales funnel

As experts in PPC, conversion tracking, and SEO, Radyant didn’t have a real go-to landing page solution before Perspective. Niklas says, “We wanted a tool that took care of the middle phase of a funnel—where you’re capturing leads and exciting them about the offer. We wanted it to be quick, agile, and everybody on our team should be able to use it. If not, we hit bottlenecks with developers.”

The solution

Perspective helped Radyant bridge the gap between their stellar PPC campaigns and converting leads with landing pages and funnels that were fast to deploy and easy to customize. Bringing Perspective into their tech stack created a few unexpected benefits for their team members, too.

Supercharged lead generation—for clients, and their agency

From just an initial test, Radyant was able to generate 40 leads and secure five new clients for their agency with a single Perspective funnel. For clients, the outcomes were equally remarkable.

They generated 266 high-ticket B2B leads and 66 appointments for a client attending a conference within six weeks. Niklas says, “Our client told us it was the best preparation for a conference they’ve ever seen. Especially because they had also hired a cold-calling agency that drummed up only one or two appointments. Even if people are working in B2B companies or big corporations, they still enjoy a good user experience.”

"Perspective created this perfect synergy for our client work and our own lead gen, being a landing page, funnel, and form, all in one. You just have it all," Niklas says.

Powerfully fast service delivery

One of Radyant’s clients provides home installation services all over Germany, so they needed to launch thousands of PPC ads and landing pages. With Perspective, they passed location-specific names and data to just one funnel to generate thousands of hyper-personalized landing pages.

In just three hours, they launched 3,000 landing pages for their client. Niklas says, “This project is super exciting for us. That funnel—personalized to 3,000 locations—generates 30-40 leads a day. We doubled and almost tripled their original conversion rate. And those are just the early results.”

Enhanced client pitches

Radyant happily shares their methodology of pairing PPC and funnel marketing in live calls with potential clients, which creates a buzz the whole room can feel. Niklas says, “We have these cool meta moments with potential clients now, where we show them how we run PPC traffic to a Perspective funnel to drive leads to our agency. With the right targeting and funnel creatives, we’re connecting with people who need our agency services at the right time. So they see how we can accomplish that for their business using Perspective, too.”

A unique edge versus other PPC and SEO agencies

Since using Perspective, Radyant has improved its edge over competitors. Niklas says, “We’ve created a better value stack with Perspective as a PPC agency. We say, ‘Hey, we don’t just do campaign management. We can improve your sales funnel and drive better results.’ It differentiates us so much more from other PPC agencies.”

Superpowered marketers

Perspective empowered Radyant’s team to improve stages of the sales funnel they previously couldn’t access, producing better results for clients. It’s a win-win. Niklas says, “Perspective gives my team a completely different feeling about the tools they have to drive results for our clients. Now we don’t have to go back and forth with developers. With Perspective in their hands, they level up their marketing skills and drive better results. We’re creating superpowered marketers at Radyant.”

The future looks bright with Radyant

Radyant isn’t just stopping at stellar client results and team growth. They share their success stories with the world, and now that includes results they’ve accomplished with Perspective.

Niklas says, “We want to share the innovation we’re doing with Perspective to the lead gen and agency space. Like how we were able to launch 3,000 landing pages so fast—we’re always testing new ideas and challenging the status quo, and we back it up with real results. I think it’s more exciting when you share your secret sauce and don’t keep it hidden from the internet. It inspires other marketers. It lifts other people up, and it’s cool to see what other people accomplish in part thanks to the value and insights we can share.”

Radyant’s journey with Perspective is an inspiring example of how innovation and technology can drive success in today’s world, leaving a positive impact on clients and the industry as a whole.

Ready to supercharge your lead generation like Radyant.io? Get a free 14-day trial of Perspective here.

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