Jakob's success with Perspective: 15 Hires in 4 weeks, 5x ROI, and 80% conversion rates

Jakob Strehlow has used Perspective in a crazy amount of ways over his 3+ years using it. He's generated 15 hires in 4 weeks for €4,500, 5x'ed ROI for a B2C client, and regularly gets 80% conversion rates on his lead magnet funnels.

Jakob's success with Perspective: 15 Hires in 4 weeks, 5x ROI, and 80% conversion rates

Company background

Jakob Strehlow has over 12 years of experience in performance marketing as a 7-time Meta-certified social media expert. His agency has 9 employees and provides holistic social media advertising and lead generation services for a range of companies. Meta, TikTok, Youtube, Pinterest, and more—Jakob and his team are absolute experts, managing an annual ad budget of 10 million euros.

We chatted with Jakob about his experience using Perspective for 3+ years and how it’s been a go-to tool for generating leads and driving sales for his long-term clients.

The challenge

Jakob is always on the hunt for new tools that will drive better results for his clients. Before Perspective, his agency typically relied on Meta’s instant forms, other social platforms’ built-in forms, or their clients’ website builders to generate leads. With Meta’s instant forms, Jakob and his team are limited by the lack of customizability and analytics. With their clients’ website builders, it often takes too long to implement a landing page or funnel.

After testing Perspective for client projects and seeing higher-quality leads come in, they never looked back and have been using it ever since 2020. A bonus? They even started using Perspective to win clients for their agency.

The solution

Perspective quickly became a go-to funnel builder for Jakob and his agency due to its ease of use, fast webpage loading speed, and overall capabilities.

Jakob says, “Our client work is easier and we have way fewer to-do’s before launching a funnel. Because it’s so easy to create a funnel and connect it to other tools, and the page loading speeds are amazing, we get good conversion rates consistently. I love being able to duplicate existing funnels and run A/B tests—we’re always improving results for our clients fast because of features like those.”

Additionally, all of Jakob’s team works in Perspective whether they’re a designer, copywriter, data analyst, media buyer, or PR manager. Jakob says, “Everyone has contact points to Perspective, and it’s easy for them to collaborate on projects regardless of their position.”

Testing Perspective versus Meta instant forms for Berlin TV Tower’s recruiting needs

Germany’s tallest structure, the Berlin TV Tower, tasked Jakob’s agency with filling their restaurant positions amongst a labor shortage and 340+ competing restaurants. They created recruiting funnels with both Perspective and Meta instant forms to see which performed better. The result? Although Meta instant forms generated more leads, 100 versus 10 with Perspective, the employer hired 2 from each group.

Jakob says, “The quality of candidates is better with Perspective because you have more ways to qualify and filter your applicants. I tell people not to look at the numbers, but the quality. No recruiter wants to look through hundreds of applicants.”

Moreover, the time-to-hire was faster with Perspective. Jakob says, “It’s much more work to move applicants from Meta instant forms through the interview process. To schedule an initial call, or assess whether they’re the right fit…with instant forms everything is stuck to Meta. With Perspective, it’s easier to send data—contact info, responses, etc.—right to wherever our clients need and use it. It makes things easier for everyone.”

Within just 4 weeks, Jakob and his team sourced 15 hires for Berlin TV Tower with a €4,500 budget.

Testing Perspective versus HubSpot’s forms for a roofing protection company

Jakob and his agency ran a similar test with HubSpot’s forms to generate leads for a roofing protection company. They discovered the same outcome: Perspective generated higher-quality leads versus HubSpot by a long shot. By 5x, to be exact.

“For the quiz aspect of the funnel, we could pre-qualify leads with more detailed questions using Perspective and that’s why they were more qualified versus ones from HubSpot,” Jakob says.

Originally their client was only getting 80 cents in return for every euro they spent on advertising. After Jakob’s team implemented their ads and Perspective funnel, they were getting 5 euros back for every euro spent. Jakob says, “It’s an amazing B2C case study, the fact that we 5x’ed their ROI on ad spend.”

Generating leads for Jakob’s agency

Jakob distributes lead magnet funnels organically to his followers on LinkedIn, Facebook, and TikTok. He sees conversion rates as high as 80%, and some of those leads turn into customers of his advertising agency. “Our lead magnets provide a lot of value, helping our audience solve their problems. For example, getting a disabled ad account back up and running. People love them,” Jakob says.

Jakob is sticking with his winning approach: Quality over quantity

Jakob says, “We have a focus on boutique advertising and don’t want to grow with many employees as an agency. I have a small, expert team and want to keep my employees happy, because when they’re happy they deliver great work and our clients stay happy, too. One of our clients has been with us for over 6 years. So even though we could grow and make more money, I’d rather focus on scaling rewards for our clients, not our headcount.”

Thanks in part to landing page and funnel builders like Perspective, Jakob and his team are satisfied with driving great results and focusing on quality over quantity.

Ready to launch a funnel in under an hour? Get a free 14-day trial of Perspective here.

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